Ten-year-old Aunewu is doing his best to survive amid a global pandemic, territorial wars, climate change, and animal extinction within the vast terrain of Africa. When he is gifted with a remarkable vision and words from a greater power, he is overwhelmed with both anxiety and awe. While Aunewu worries how he will present the information to the world and whether anyone will believe him, he has no idea that there are six other individuals, one chosen from each continent, who are receiving the same vision and message.

The Great Source has also sent messages to a young Asian woman, a European man, a South American religious leader, an Australian zoologist, a geophysicist and scientist living in Antarctica, and a North American woman. As each of the chosen discover they have been selected to help transition the world toward resurrection, they travel to a destination to learn from each other. But are they ready to embrace the vast knowledge and energies to become teachers intent on initiating positive change for the world?